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Yesteryear Auto offers full restoration services. Imagine yourself in that brand new, totally restored and updated Camaro or Mustang. We start by completely dismantling the vehicle down to the basic body and frame and removing all the rust, starting with new panels and sheet metal, and adding your choice of drive train, updated wiring, chrome, upholstery, and paint. We will build you anything from a custom daily driver, to a 500+ horsepower dynomite machine that will make you the envy of all your friends. So, don’t just imagine it, call today to get started at 435-842-7144 or email us today at yesteryearauto@yahoo.com and choose from our current inventory, have us find something else to get started on, start on one you currently own, or you may choose to just purchase one from us and do it yourself. However you choose, you will be making a sound investment that you will be sure to realize, unlike many stock market programs available today. Thank you for visiting our website, and keep hot roding.

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Cool Used Stuff for Sale

Manifolds, carbs, headers... Lots of good used parts/stuff.

Cars & trucks for sale

Hot rods, Rat rods, Kit cars, vehicles for sale or restoration

Any of the vehicles below can be purchased out right and restored by your self, or purchase it and we can add to it or customize it as little or as much as you desire.

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